DH Land Pros FAQ

What services do general contractors offer?

General contractors typically offer a very wide variety of services. From basic handyman type work to complete home remodels a general contractor should be able to handle it. General contractors often have employees with broad experiences in things like carpentry, woodworking, electrical, concrete work, landscaping, plumbing, painting, finish work, framing, and roofing. Be sure to ask potential contractors for references of jobs similar to what you are having done on your property. Not all general contractors are as well versed in different aspects on contracting. If you are looking to have a specific electrical job completed we recommend you hire an electrical contractor rather than a general contractor for example. More specialized contractors will be able to provide superior service.

Do general contractor do repairs or should I call a handyman?

Most general contractors do take on repair projects, big and small. Some contracting firms will have minimum dollar amounts of jobs they will accept though so be sure to call and ask if they take on repair jobs. If they do not, ask if they can recommend another firm or handyman who would be able to do the repair for you.

How do I know if I can trust the general contractor?

With the help of sites like HomeAdvisor, Yelp, Porch, Angieslist, and Google Reviews it is very easy to get a pulse on the trustworthiness and quality of a general contractor. We do recommend getting a few quotes or bids before selecting a contractor though. Often time’s clients are surprised at the cost of the job. Remember, 99% of the time you get what you pay for. If a general contractor charges a high hourly rate but is still booked out a few weeks, they like do a very good job and are trustworthy.

How do I know if I am getting a good deal on my home project?

General contractors typically charge by the hour + materials. Prices will drastically vary depending on the project and the contractor. When you speak with a contractor try to get an understanding of how busy they are. If they are very busy and charge a high hourly rate you can safely assume this contractor produces high-quality work and is trusted. Be wary of general contractors who undercut pricing. These contractors are typically having to do this for a reason. Just like you wouldn’t want a bad mechanic to work on your car, you don’t want a bad contractor working on your own.

What types of questions should I ask a contractor before hiring them?

You should always ask for their license number. If they are not willing to provide you their license info or don’t have a license – do not hire this contractor. Even if they offer to work for free, DO NOT HIRE THEM. You can find more info about the questions you should ask all general contractors on our blog.

What does the average bathroom remodel cost in Seattle?

At DH Land Pros our average bathroom remodel costs $5,000 - $13,000. This number is going to vary for each contractor and the level of remodeling that takes place. Simple things like the installation of a new shower pan and some paint are going to be fairly low cost. The installation of a custom tile shower is going to be much more expensive. A good rule of thumb is the more complex and intricate the project, the more complex it is going to be. The real expense comes in when you are looking to have plumbing rerouted.

How long does a bathroom remodel take?

Bathroom remodels can be quick one-day projects (with the right crew) and a fairly basic project. More complex projects involving tile and paint will take longer due to the “setting period” while things like grout and tile set and the paint dry. A full bathroom remodels will take most general contractors 4-6 days to complete if no problems are uncovered during the process.

Does landscape lighting really help deter crime?

We are firm believers that landscape lighting helps to deter crime. The majority of crimes that take place are opportunistic. Extra lighting limits their opportunity because it makes criminals more likely to be seen by homeowners, neighbors, or cameras. We recommend adding landscape lighting to all of our landscape design jobs because of this.

How long does it take to build a fence?

Basic fence building can be done fairly quickly, but any good contractor will make sure posts set for at least 24 hours. If you do not allow this time, your fence is weakened and not last in the elements in the Seattle area. In total, a fencing project on an average Seattle property will be completed in two working days. The more linear feet of fence to be installed the longer it will take.

How much does a new lawn cost?

Having a general contractor install a new lawn is a great way to quickly make a drastic change in the appearance of your property. We do a lot of these projects when homes go up for sale and the seller wants to make the home really stand out. The cost of a new lawn varies based on the size. Most average size yards in Seattle will cost between $2.00 - $4.00 a square foot. We always recommend having an irrigation system installed at the same time to ensure it is installed properly and that you have no issues keeping your new lawn green and healthy.