Landscape Lighting

DH Land Pros loves landscape lighting projects. When the sun goes down and the lights come on, landscape lighting can transform the way your property looks. Landscape lighting provides the luxurious appearance that represents your property in its best light.

DH Land Pros provides outdoor lighting design and installation for both commercial and residential clients. From basic set ups for security or appearance to high end set ups that showcase the beauty and architectural design of your property we have the experience and expertise to create the lighting set up of your dreams.

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Landscape lighting enhances the architectural detail of your home and property. Strategically installed lighting  provides curb appeal and security that is a great bang for your buck landscape enhancement.

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Why should you have landscape lighting installed? 

Landscape lighting improves the appearance of your property while adding safety and security to your property.

House Logic says “outdoor lighting is essential for adding value to your home.” 41% of respondents in the NAHB’s, “What Home Buyers Really Want” yearly survey said landscape lighting is essential. 49% say it is desirable. Citing curb appeal and security as the primary reasons for wanting outdoor lighting systems.

An added benefit of outdoor lighting is that some home owners insurance providers give discounts to properties that have landscape lighting because of the theft deterrent.

The basics of Landscape Lighting

The keys to well executed lighting set up are centered around mimicking the moonlight and highlighting key features of your home and property.

Highlight the trees – Trees are often the largest piece of landscaping on your property. Lighting them in a way that casts interesting shadows and draws peoples eye is great for dramatic set ups.

Have a central focus – having a central focus draws the eye around the property, landing on the feature piece of architecture. We like to focus on the front door and entry way as the focus.

Use warm light – warm light insures your property is well lit and looks luxurious. Colored lighting can be great for creating dramatic designs, but is often times best reserved events.