Landscape Services

Landscape Services

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 As a company we have a combined 125 years of fence building experience. We use this experience to mitigate the complexities that come with fence building in an area like West Seattle.

Retaining wall construction is necessary on many properties in our area, but that doesn't mean it needs to take away from the visual appeal and functionality of your property. We have experience working with many different types of retaining wall materials.

sustainability, maintenance, curb appeal, usability, YOU are at the fore front of all our landscape design projects. We strive to give you exactly what you want and need out of your property. 

Landscape lighting serves two purposes, curb appeal and security. A well designed landscape lighting set up will highlight the architectural design of your property while deterring criminals. DH Land Pros uses lighting techniques that hide lighting components while still casting a wonderful light show on your property.

Landscape clean outs have long been a favorite or our CEO, Dan. Dan loves doing landscape clean outs for clients because of the huge difference they can make on a property. We offer landscape clean ups at fixed prices to make it easy.

Garden walls are a critical part of landscape design, and can be a great way to make gardening and maintenance in your yard easier than ever. We have built garden walls with a variety of materials and look forward to each project we do.

When considering your landscape services, please use our Landscape Material Calculator to calculate your the cubic feet of needed material. This Landscape Material Calculator can be used for gravel, dirt, bark, concrete, and grass.