Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls are a part of many of the Landscape Design projects we work on here in the Seattle area. Retaining Walls serve multiple purposes for both curb appeal and landscaping integrity. Adding a retaining wall to your property can also add dimension to your property.

We have experience building retaining walls with cinder blocks, stone, brick, poured concrete, wood, and gabion. Our experience has taught us a few key things that some contracting companies ignore.

Retaining Walls Keys

Create a solid base: creating a solid base is critically important when building a retaining wall. Retaining walls are put in place to keep your land from eroding. If your base is not strong your retaining wall will not be able to withstand the force applied to it throughout the year..

Plan for drainage

When you have a retaining wall installed, having planned drainage will save you headaches later on. The more efficiently the drainage system is installed, the longer your retaining wall will last and more force it will be able to withstand.

Keep it level

Starting with the base, each level of your retaining wall must be level for it to be strong. We focus making sure your wall is completely level. Retaining walls that lean or are not level are not strong.

Backfill adds support

Making sure to compact your backfill helps to increase the strength of your retaining wall. It also increases the life of your retaining wall. We make sure to pack the backfill of each retaining wall we build.