Landscape Design

Landscape design - done right

Our landscape design stance is to design for outdoor living. We take into account sustainability, maintenance, curb appeal, usability, and YOU. Our goal with landscape design is to give you exactly the outdoor space you have dreamed of. Whether that is a space for the kids to run and play, an outdoor living area, a low maintenance looker, or an entertaining space, you are our main focus. 

Attributes of landscape design

Cinder block retaining wall

Retaining walls add dimension, support, and usability to your outdoor space. Brick, cinder block, lumber, or rock we do it all.

DH Land Pros fence building

Decks, pergolas, stairs cases, and terraces. We have built them all over the greater Seattle area and would love to add one to your outdoor living space.

Metal Edging in Seattle

From the installation of new sod and irrigation to the knowledge of what types of plants to use and where to put them, we're the expert on your team.

When it is time to hire a contractor to complete your landscape design there are a few things you should make sure they are aware of. Each of these things goes into every design we do.

Seattle Landscape design

Spatial Composition & Landscape Lighting

Seattle yards are typically small, we make sure to put your design together in a way that gives you the best flow and use of space you have, and install landscape lighting to show off the design day and night.

Selection of Plants and their Placement

Some plants just don't last in our climate. We also consider what plants selected look like year around.

Irrigation Systems

Irrigation Systems Irrigation is a crucial part of the landscape design process in the northwest. We get so much rain that a poorly done design can be washed away or flooded before you know it.